Futura User Conference

"Futura did a great job of organizing the User Conference. As a new Futura customer, I really valued networking with other users and hearing their ideas and experiences. I also enjoyed meeting many of the Futura employees working behind the scenes on our implementation. From the short 45 minute presentations and workshops to the food and entertainment, I'd say it's one of the best conferences I have attended!"
by Josh Tallman, Columbia River PUD



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Intercontinental Hotel
Buckhead Atlanta

July 23rd - July 26th

Futura User Conference

"I’ve heard nothing but good things about Futura’s User Conference and I’m excited to be a part of it for 2019! From the corn hole tournament to catching up with other cooperative folks at the breakout sessions, I already know it’s going to be a big highlight of the year. Futura is a great company so I expect the conference is going to be a blast.”
by  Sarah Beth Nelius, Futura employee





Join us as we cover the basics of Futura GIS.


Join us for our GIS II class as we cover advanced features and procedures in Futura GIS.


Join us for our OMS class as we cover features and procedures in Futura OMS. We will also be covering FieldPro OMS on our Tuesday session.


Join us for our FieldPro class as we cover features and procedures in FieldPro.


Check Out our GIS Conference Break-Out Sessions

Let us show you how to import and display new datasets, including inspections, into the GIS database and then how you can utilize it through the Futura software suite. 

Best practices for managing and maintaining your GIS database. 

Tips from the experts on how to best utilize your Mapping tools 

Review of the functionalities available in the UPN-GIS integration used by SEDC customers 

Review of the functionalities available in the GIS-CIS integration used by ATS, NISC, and PSC customers 

A look into the new Asset Management component in Indigo 


Check Out our GIS Conference Break-Out Sessions

Ever feel like you didn't have quite enough time to ask the questions you needed to ask about your work? This year the staking department is pulling all hands on deck to address your concerns. You bring the questions and we'll bring the answers. 

Learn to make the most of your time in the field with our FieldPro Stake application. This year's class will focus on drafting your initial design using techniques intended to maximize efficiency and minimize hassle when staking large scale jobs. 

Review existing tools and techniques and discover some new additions in our arsenal as our stakers take you step by step through the initricacies of designing large scale jobs in our desktop staking solution. 

Review some of the additional features included in the latest rebuild of Futura Stake. 

Intended for those who are looking for a first glance at our mobile staking solution or for those who simply want to hone their understanding of the fundamentals, this class will introduce you to the key features, concepts and tools included with Field Pro Stake. 


Check Out our OMS Conference Break-Out Sessions

You know that every year FuturaOMS is loaded with new features come get a rundown of all the new things being released this year on OMS 

Have you ever wondered how a power user would do those things in OMS? Wonder no more, we will show you some of the less known tips and tricks to get the most out of OMS 

Want to ensure that OMS is running in top form when a major storm hits your area? What preparation steps should you take? What should you do during the outage event? What should be done after the event has passed? We will cover these major topics in detail 


Check Out our FieldPro Conference Break-Out Sessions

Considering a mobile map viewer? Check out this in depth demonstration of FieldPro from the user’s perspective and see the advantages of incorporating an advanced mobile solution into your technical arsenal.          

Right of Way issues growing out of control? See a few different approaches to handling your Vegetation Management needs with FieldPro and Indigo.    

If you use FieldPro while you're mostly offline this session is for you. Learn how to create tile packages and load them into FieldPro so you have constant access to your imagery in the field. We’ll also show you how to use Google maps and service areas for offline navigation and incorporate a GPS for better accuracy. 

Best practices for managing your Inspection program - we'll cover things like assigning inspections in Indigo, using dynamic symbology, setting up Filter Fields and creating personalized To Do lists. 

Need to add a new search or hide some fields in your map? Maybe you want to start importing Map Notes taken in the field - come to this session to learn how to get more out of FieldPro.  

MWF / ServiceLink

Check Out our MWF / ServiceLink Conference Break-Out Sessions

Learn how to design and test your own forms and workflows, from start to finish.

An introduction to Futura Flex. Get an overview and a glance at the newest features

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Other Sessions

Check Out our additional seesions for 2019

Your maps thorughout your utility! Learn how Catalyst allows you to publish your maps in an easy to use web format that can become a common language for everyone in your utility's office. 

Get you data dynamically at your finger tips! See how you can integrate Report IQ to a variety of Futura products in order to build dynamic reports to use throughout your utility. 

Futura19 will be our 3rd annual cornhole tournament!
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Futura User Conference

"The Futura User Conference is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the superb staff at Futura that patiently and tirelessly support ort team throughout the year. There is an abundance of tips and tricks to learn about the products we use and it's a fun chance to network with other Futura customers solving challenges similar to our own. This conference is certainly a week to look forward to!"
by Slayton McCauley, Tri County Electric Cooperative Texas
Futura Systems 2019 User Conference