Futura18 User Conference
Game On!

Atlanta, GA July 24-27

Pre-Conference Sessions

Take advantage of our Pre-Conference Workshops to hone your GIS skills. We're offering GIS I, GIS II, OMS,  and FieldPro workshops on Monday and Tuesday preceding the conference. If you haven't already, you can still sign up today.

If you've already registered for Futura18, you can sign up by choosing "Modify Reservation" on the Conference Registration page. 
If not, you can sign up for these classes during the registration process.



Level I is the first of a progressive three-course series for training dedicated GIS personnel in an electric utility. This course is designed to introduce the essential functionality of FuturaGIS and teach
GIS Analysts how to navigate, maintain, add, edit, and delete features in the map. 


Level II is the second of a progressive three-course series on training dedicated GIS
personnel in an electric utility. This course is designed to build on the basic functionality of FuturaGIS and detail some customization technique.


The FuturaOMS training course is specifically designed for any utility personnel directly interacting with the OMS client. This course is designed to introduce the essential functionality of FuturaOMS, and teach utility dispatchers how to navigate, maintain, add, edit, and report on outage activity. 


The FieldPro Pre-Conference Course is designed for the FieldPro User who wants to get a little more information on the product itself and for the adjunct products designed to work with FieldPro. Your utility must be a FieldPro customer to send employees to this workshop.

GIS & Staking

In this session we will review ways to use the Futura Validation tools to identify data issues and resolve them efficiently. In addition to reviewing the standard Validation profile settings, we will go over ways Futura users can customize the Validation tool to meet the specific needs of their Utility.

Alex Posey - GIS Implementation Specialist
Sherri Schreiner - Customer Support Specialist

There are so many tools in Mapping and ArcMap and multiple was to accomplish every task. Let’s revisit some of the Futura Mapping tools that you may have overlooked, discuss best practices for accomplishing tasks in Mapping, and review some ArcMap tools and tips.

Cassie Corbett - GIS Manager
Kanne Ikwuezunma - GIS Implementation Specialist

The Futura Export tool is utilized for exporting GIS data to your engineering analysis software, Futura OMS, and Field Pro. This presentation will review the Futura Export tool and the meaning of some of the settings, recommendations for running the export, and how to make configuration changes to the export settings for engineering analysis.

Cassie Corbett - GIS  Manager
Ozgur Ozbek - GIS Conversion Specialist

This class will be geared towards beginner, intermediate and advanced Futura Staking users. We will cover a vast variety of tips & tricks that could make your everyday staking a breeze. We'll also open the floor to let you share your own tips & tricks.

Jody Picou - Staking Implementation Specialist
Brant Hood -  Staking Manager

Another of our stakers will be demonstrating an advanced overhead job consisting of rerouting, rephasing and resizing of existing lines. This class will focus on how to handle a mine field of complex design challenges in Futura's staking application.

Jessica Su - Staking Implementation & QC Specialist
Drew Henry - Staking Implementation Specialist

One of our stakers will be demonstrating an advanced underground design. Any stakers interested in learning more about using Favorites, staking Open Points, using the Offset tool to stake underground conductors, and drawing a large job in a short amount of time will benefit from this class.

Drew Henry - Staking Implementation Specialist
Jessica Su - Staking Implementation & QC Specialist

An introduction into using FPStake. This session will demonstrate the capabilities of FPStake and how jobs can be imported into Staking or posted to GIS.

Drew Henry - Staking Implementation Specialist
Josh Crozier - Director of Sales

For stakers and supervisors alike. In this session, Futura specialist will answer questions submitted by staking users from around the country. During this forum, the answers and examples given will be very specific to each question submitted. We will have forms available at the registration desk or you can submit your question by clicking the "Submit Question" link below.

Brant Hood -  Staking Manager
Scope - Field Solutions Technology Manager

Submit Question

Outage & Operations

Want to see what all the new features are in OMS? We can deliver this as well as a peak at some new things coming.

Joseph Coleman - OMS Implementation Specialist
Don Vick - OMS Manager

What is the best way to deploy and run OMS to maximize its effectiveness and ensure you will be ready for any outage that comes your way? We will cover hardware, software and networking issues as well as provide tips for pre-outage preparation.

Don Vick - OMS Manager
Hunter Guckert - OMS Implementation Specialist

We will discuss the myriad integration types you can deploy with OMS. We will discuss the available functionality and how to proceed if you want to integration with OMS.

HunterGuckert - OMS Implementation Specialist
Don Vick - OMS Manager

FuturaIVR elevates your IVR to the cloud, come see what it’s all about and see what it can do for you. We will have a big announcement in this session for you as well.

HunterGuckert - OMS Implementation Specialist
Don Vick - OMS Manager

How do you manage partial restorals, what about over-predictions and how can you get missing device information to GIS in a timely fashion? All will be revealed….

Don Vick - OMS Manager
HunterGuckert - OMS Implementation Specialist

In this session we will be reviewing a few of the key features offered with FuturaOMS.
1.Better analyze outage data in order to accurately dispatch and assign crews.
2.Work, update, and close outages from the field with direct integration back to FuturaOMS.
3.Increase productivity and improve time management for CSRs, Dispatchers and Emergency staff.

Josh Crozier - Director of Sales
Joe Coleman - OMS Implementation Specialist

a. An Asset Mgnt overview using the FieldPro inspection module, Indigo web app, Catalyst, Core GIS, and Mobile Work Force all working together to manage assets.

i. Complete Inspection Workflow - Create and Assign Inspection wtih Indigo (select a group of records based on a filter)
    ii. Work it in FieldPro (use Filters and statuses for different user groups to show how you can just show assigned work)
   iii. Show performance metrics via Report IQ
   iv. Show Work Progress in Catalyst
   v. Assign a Work Order - show in UPN
   vi. Close it in Indigo

Doug Malinowski - Chief Information Officer
Dan Matey - Manager of Learning and Development

a. Administration options such as modifying grids and creating global filters

b. Individual user options such as creating personal filters

c. Working with reports

d. Making single and bulk edits with Indigo

Josh Coleman - FieldPro Implementation Specialist 
Nick Gwinn - FieldPro Manager

Asset Tracker has been completely redone! It now includes the ability to track any type of asset and it comes with an Asset Analytics & Maintenance Planning (AMP) framework which includes a notification system.

Doug Malinowski - Chief Information Officer
Dan Matey - Manager of Learning & Development

The "Roaring 20's"! 2020 will begin a new generation of Futura utility operations software and this presentation will outline the path forward and how Futura's new software platform will benefit everyone.

Doug Malinowski - Chief Information Officer

Explore the capabilities of FieldPro Basic for the iPhone. The session will also include a discussion on what's coming next.

Doug Malinowski - Chief Information Officer

•Added the ability to navigate through map extent history by using Previous and Next extent tools.
•Widget results can now be labeled on the map. Admin users can configure labeling options in the widget settings page. IE Outages and AVL
•Network attributes now allow export of data at individual feature class level.
•Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) has been implemented for Futura Catalyst. This is an effort to move towards following industry best practices for web site development. All existing bookmarks in user's browsers will now automatically get redirected to HTTPS URLs. (Requires 3rd Party Certificate)
• Added the ability to launch Google Map & Google Street View
• Added the valve isolation capability for Water and Gas utilities.
• Advanced Weather Services is now an option to Futura Catalyst. Users can now overlay Weather Data such as: Radar, Lightning, Wind Speed and Temperature, Heavy Precipitation and Tornado Tracks.
• If applicable (with IQ), added support to integrate Report IQ dashboards with widgets.
• Site admin users can now select service URLs from a list of available map services or type in a URL on the Settings -> Services -> Map Service Details page.
• Role/Group based access to services is now configurable.
Site admins can set permissions for a map service and its visibility and access for identify task, to one or more defined roles. 

Sherri Shreiner - Customer Support Specialist
Travis Rushton - Catalyst Development Specialist


Explore the capabilities of FieldPro Basic for the iPhone. The session will also include a discussion on what's coming next.

Josh Crozier - Director of Sales
Nick Gwinn - FieldPro Manager

a. Creating tile packages to use your imagery offline

b. Using Google Maps offline

c. Connecting to a Bluetooth GPS device

AJ Cerilli - FieldPro Implementation Specialist
Josh Coleman - FieldPro Implementation Specialist

a. Go through a workflow on how to create a contractor map

b. Managing your maps - how to change symbology, add labels, add Quick Finds and modify the results table (hide fields, change the sort order, etc.)

Josh Coleman - FieldPro Implementation Specialist
Nick Gwinn - FieldPro Manager

a. Best practices for archiving data

b. Managing Photos

c. Using Import Wizard to update your GIS with Inspection Data 

Nick Gwinn - FieldPro Manager
AJ Cerilli - FieldPro Implementation Specialist

a. Using the field inspection module and Indigo for Right of Way clearing and Vegetation Management

Nick Gwinn - FieldPro Manager
AJ Cerilli - FieldPro Implementation Specialist

This class will be a client presentation presented by Brandon Fisher from Arkansas Valley.

Brandon Fisher - Arkansas Valley GIS Specialist


Cornhole & Cookout

Wednesday night Futura will be supplying all the hamburgers and hotdogs you can eat. Make your way to the Venetian Hall to grab yourself some good southern food and enjoy it in the courtyard.
We will be holding our 2nd annual Futura cornhole tournament. We will have a limit of 32 teams so be sure to sign up at the registration desk.

Magic Show

Kevin Viner will be demonstrating up close magic at the meet and greet Tuesday night.
And thats not all........
Don't miss his magic show Wednesday evening at 4:00.

Atlanta Braves
Los Angeles Dodgers

Be sure to sign up and join us on Thursday night July 26th for the Braves VS Dodgers.
Futura has provided 250 seats in the Hank Aaron Terrace Suite. 

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Futura18 User Conference

Futura18 User Conference