Futura18 User Conference Presentations

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ProductInstructor NamePresentation
GIS & StakingCassie Corbett & Kanne IkwuezunmaGIS Tips & Tricks 
GIS & StakingAlex Posey & Sherri SchreinerValidations Best Practices
GIS & StakingCassie Corbett & Ozgur OzbekFutura Export
GIS & StakingJessica Su & Drew HenryUG Work Plan
GIS & StakingDrew Henry & Jessica SuOH Work Plan
GIS & StakingJody Picou & Brant Hood StakingTips & Tricks
GIS & StakingDrew Henry & Josh CrozierFieldPro Stake
Outage & OperationsJoseph Coleman & Don VickWhat's New In OMS
Outage & OperationsHunter Guckert & Don VickOutage Info In/Info Out
Outage & OperationsDon Vick & Hunter GuckertOMS Tips & Tricks
Outage & OperationsDon Vick & Hunter GuckertOMS Best Practices
Outage & OperationsHunter Guckert & Don VickFutura IVR/Auto Cue
Outage & OperationsJosh Crozier & Hunter GuckertFieldPro OMS
Outage & OperationsDoug Malinowski & Dan MateyIntro to the Field Inspection Ecosystem
Outage & OperationsDoug Malinowski & Dan MateyIntroduction to the new Asset Tracker
Outage & OperationsDoug MalinowskiIndigo AT & MWF, IPhone FieldPro
Outage & OperationsJosh Coleman & Nick GwinnGetting the most out of Indigo
Outage & OperationsDoug MalinowskiArcGIS Pro - The next generation of Futura
Outage & OperationsSherri Shreiner & Travis RushtonCatalyst What's New
FieldProJosh Crozier & Nick GwinnFieldPro - Phone & Tablet
FieldProJosh Coleman & Nick GwinnAuthoring a FieldPro Map
FieldProNick Gwinn & AJ CerilliVegetation Management with FieldPro
FieldProAJ Cerilli & Josh ColemanGetting the most out of FieldPro offline
FieldProNick Gwinn & AJ CerilliAdminister your Field Inspection program
FieldProNick Gwinn & AJ CerilliAdminister your Field Inspection program
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Futura18 User Conference